Great wedding photographs convey exuberance, beauty, and joy. Such emotionally powerful images aren't achieved by magic or luck; they are created by artists who possess technical skills as well as creative talent. The good ones book up fast, so as soon as you have a date set it's important to start the search for this team to capture your dream wedding. There are three terms that you'll want to know as you begin to formulate style goals for your wedding photography: photojournalistic, traditional, or artistic. In the photojournalistic style, the photographer doesn't intrude but instead records the wedding as it unfolds, capturing in the process a sense of spontaneity and surprise. Traditional style wedding photography is more scripted. The photographer follows a "shot list" that includes events such as the cutting of the cake or bouquet toss. Artistic or fine art style uses special effects or equipment such wide angle lens to make the images look unusual or striking. Professionals at the top of their game usually combine all of these styles. They should be able to provide charming candids with lots of personality, capture classic wedding moments, handle the posed shots or portraits, and be well versed in artsy special effects. If photography is one of your top priorities, it's imperative that you hire someone who can do it all. This will require a financial commitment, but with photography, it's especially true that you get what you pay for. These images will become your memories, so wedding photographs are one of the best investments you can make. Susie Coelho