A Way To See

December 2023

As Jacques Fresco writes; “People usually use oral language to exchange ideas and information. But we all know how hard it is to understand each other sometimes. Communication is a very difficult process. Our everyday language has evolved over centuries of cultural changes, and unfortunately, it is difficult to use in resolving disputed situations. In most cases, due to variations in surroundings and life experiences, the same word can have different meanings to different people. Thoughts can be interpreted differently, even if one language is used.”

One of the key goals of my portraitjournalism idea is to humanize the subject and evoke empathy from the audience. By showcasing the person behind the story, I, as a portraitjournalists aim to break down stereotypes and challenge preconceived notions, fostering a greater understanding and appreciation for the diverse range of individuals that make up our society. Through my visual storytelling, I aim to spark conversations and inspire change by shedding light on important issues and amplifying all our human voices. Portraitjournalism is a powerful form of visual storytelling that goes beyond surface-level appearances to capture the essence and personality of a subject. By combining elements of traditional portraiture with journalistic practices, my aim is to humanize individuals, challenge stereotypes, and bring attention to important and special life events such as weddings and Mitzvahs, as well as other lifestyle events. 

Through my work, I strive to create empathy, inspire change, and foster a deeper understanding of the diverse world we live in. Portraitjournalism is a form of journalism that focuses on capturing the essence and personality of a subject through visual storytelling. It combines elements of traditional portraiture with journalistic practices to create compelling narratives that go beyond surface-level appearances. Instead of simply documenting a person's physical appearance, as a portraitjournalist I aim to delve deeper into the character, emotions, and experiences, providing a more intimate and nuanced representation of the individual being portrayed. 

Photojournalism can be seen in various forms, including in person, as well as online exhibitions via websites. It has the power to capture the attention of audiences and leave a lasting impact, as it combines the aesthetics of portraiture with the informative nature of journalism. The images produced through portraitjournalism often convey emotion, vulnerability, and authenticity, drawing viewers in and encouraging them to reflect on their own perceptions and biases. In Portraitjournalism, I, as a photographer or visual artist take on the role of a storyteller, using my Canon cameras to convey the subject's story in a powerful and engaging way. I may spend considerable time with the subject, observing their daily life, interviewing them, and gaining a deeper understanding of their background and motivations. By immersing myself in the subject's world, as a portraitjournalists I am able to capture moments that reveal their true nature and create a connection between the subject and the viewer. 

The term I coined is a combination of the words "portrait" and "journalism". One notable individual, Denis Reggie, also employed the term "photojournalism" to describe his unique approach to capturing weddings in an artistic manner. Pairing photographs together to form a narrative that reflects the multitude of experiences and events that take place in our world and in our everyday lives. As human beings, we are fortunate to inhabit this extraordinary planet and by capturing these moments, I am able to contribute to the rich tapestry of storytelling. This unique form of art, which I like to call storytelling portraitjournalism, allows me to not only express myself, but also enables others to interpret my work and join me in the co-creation process. Through the use of Canon cameras, I am able to capture specific moments and present them in a way that showcases my personal perspective and artistic vision. The act of capturing fleeting moments, which would otherwise be confined to the recesses of our minds, assuming we can even recall them, serves as a means of immortalizing each precious instant. It is this relentless pursuit of preserving these moments that compels me to share my co-created photographs with anyone who has a desire to witness them. Moment by moment, day by day, year after year, I have been wielding cameras since the year 1996, diligently capturing the essence of what captivates me, particularly within the realm of wedding and Mitzvahs events but also in every other facet of my own existence and the lives of those who graciously permit me to document their journeys. 

Storytelling Portraitjournalism is a unique and captivating medium that serves as a powerful tool for capturing and preserving stories. It goes beyond mere photography by presenting narratives in a storyteller format, enabling viewers to experience the full spectrum of emotions and expressions that encompass our world and humanity. This artistic process allows me, as a portraitjournalist, to unveil and share with you the intricate facets of our lives that often go unnoticed. Through my lens, I am able to capture moments that are exclusive to my perception, and by presenting them to you, I invite you to step into my world and witness the beauty, depth, and diversity that exist within our shared human experience.