Citizenship and Work | What are them?

Every one of us enters this world as inhabitants of this planet, not merely as citizens, but as her own offspring. She is the mother of all living beings, both visible and invisible, giving life to everything that exists. We, as individuals, belong to a vast and boundless cosmic realm that encompasses the entirety of our planet, as well as extends to the infinite reaches of the universe. 

This universal, all-encompassing existence is not limited by geographical or spatial boundaries, but rather encompasses both the inner and outer realms of our planetary existence. As citizens of this magnificent cosmological construct, we are interconnected and partake in a collective journey that transcends any singular notion of nationality or earthly limitations.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that the concept of work extends beyond traditional employment and monetary gain. This is evident in the constant mental activity we experience, as our thoughts never cease to occupy our minds. Additionally, our bodies engage in the continuous process of breathing, which can also be perceived as a form of work. However, due to societal conditioning and ingrained beliefs, many individuals fail to recognize these acts as work, simply because they have been conditioned to associate work solely with being employed and earning wages. 

It took me many hours and days to complete this essay. I consider that a job and a very sacred kind of work. Yet, some perceive it as a waste of time since I didn’t get paid to do it.