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Integrate For Good's Event

*These pictures are absolutely stunning!!! You are a gifted photographer! I just can’t thank you enough for sharing your time and talent with us! I'm not sure of the other person you're thinking of...Would you like me to share the link with the people you mentioned? Can we create a gallery on our website and give you credit? You captured so many details of the event I would have missed running around that evening. I'm beyond grateful!  

Bev Weingberg/(

*Oh, Bev, I cannot express my gratitude enough for your kind words! They truly touched my heart and I am overwhelmed with joy knowing that you found such joy in viewing my photographs. The fact that you experienced the same happiness and excitement as I did while capturing those moments means the world to me. I am forever grateful to you for giving me the opportunity to capture such precious memories. I am also glad to have had the opportunity to work alongside Jaeded. He has become one of my most special friends. Moreover, I must mention that every single person, including yourself, possesses an incredible photogenic quality that made the entire experience even more enjoyable for me. It was an absolute pleasure to spend that time with you, freezing those priceless moments in time. Your willingness to share the link with others brings me so much delight, and I wholeheartedly encourage you to create a gallery on your website as well, showcasing these cherished memories for all to see. 


Thank you once again, Bev, for your unwavering support and appreciation. With great anticipation, I would love to propose a meeting in the not-too-distant future, where we can have the opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas. I genuinely believe that our collaboration could bring forth a powerful and impactful body of work, shedding light on the often-overlooked perspectives and experiences of those with special needs. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have come across you and your esteemed company! For years, I have been passionately dedicated to capturing the beauty and uniqueness of individuals with special needs through my photography. However, I have been faced with the challenge of finding the right connections and opportunities to pursue this meaningful project. Hence, it fills me with immense hope and excitement to have discovered your presence. Please do let me know if there is a convenient time for us to meet, as I am eager to share my vision and ideas with you. Together, I am confident that we can create something truly special and meaningful, making a positive impact in the lives of those with special needs, while also promoting inclusivity and understanding in our society. 


In the meantime, I invite you to explore my websites ( or, where you can gain a glimpse into my portfolio and witness the love and dedication I pour into every photograph I capture. It is my sincerest desire that my work resonates with you and sparks the same passion and desire to amplify the voices and stories of these remarkable individuals.